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Patience is key as you build bridges to save your little friends.

(Played: 182)

Bubblins is cool bubble shooter with Relax and Time Attack modes.

(Played: 185)

It’s not all about Dirt Bikes and Rally cars. Don’t neglect the epi...

(Played: 397)

Make the baddest bear out there!

(Played: 151)

Steal cars and do not crash them.

(Played: 337)

Puzzle game based on an image of Cars, and offering up to 10 levels...

(Played: 179)

Four funny mini-games for kids from the Chic-i Girls. Complete all ...

(Played: 200)

Solve the puzzle and light up the Christmas Tree!

(Played: 434)

Chose your car and get on track.

(Played: 430)

Civiballs 2 is finally here! Roman-, Viking- and Inca-balls are sur...

(Played: 106)

Float away again with Clouds 2!

(Played: 120)

Break the secret codes and reveal the hidden message.

(Played: 264)

Combine is unlike any match 3 game you have ever played before! Mat...

(Played: 131)

try to knock down all the cones in the limited time that you have

(Played: 335)

You need a sharp mind to master this memory game.

(Played: 112)

The spy game continues with Kara as she unlocks some of the mysteri...

(Played: 107)

Can you crack the safe? Only a mastermind can do it!

(Played: 105)

Crazy race arena 2 is an extremal racing game. The second part of t...

(Played: 427)

Racing game with 3 unique car to choose from

(Played: 393)

Pick up students in your taxi and drop them off where they want to go.

(Played: 306)

Don't let the Cuber fall off the screen!

(Played: 72)

Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board.

(Played: 124)

Can you reach the flag? Throw the ball with your mouse! Try to beat...

(Played: 144)

Do carzy tricks on your new bike.

(Played: 323)

Ride on your bicycle, avoid all the obstacles along the path

(Played: 239)

The Dead Rider is back with his bike on an extreme adventure.

(Played: 282)

An unusual twist to demolition derby, in this game you must avoid t...

(Played: 382)

Dirt Bike 3D is a 3D dirt bike game. The goal of the game is to rid...

(Played: 354)

The beautiful DOA Girls are all featured in this fun interactive me...

(Played: 155)

Head to head Domino Battle.

(Played: 166)

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