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Total files: 1 765

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Kill the bad guys and save the city.

(Played: 415)

Help Stanley and Dennis collect points on their Seaweed Safari adve...

(Played: 193)

In Finders Keepers you join Floyd Finders and his trusty sidekick G...

(Played: 217)

Navigate the dungeon to the Vizier's throne room and stop him from ...

(Played: 159)

Sled downhill and avoid bumping into obstacles

(Played: 227)

Get your TV to work so that you can watch the big game in this grap...

(Played: 319)

Guide Shaggy and Scooby from the cartoon/movie through a graphical ...

(Played: 332)

This is a tough game of maze. You have to sneak into the castle and...

(Played: 225)

Collect Porno pics and impress sexy girls in this anime RPG

(Played: 239)

In Adventure of Hypurr, Hypurr the Cat will be fighting the evil do...

(Played: 580)

Try to best Ballista, the God of Sports in this sport adventure

(Played: 358)

Adventure of Hiro

(Played: 257)

Graphical adventure where your objective is to escape from jail

(Played: 513)

Another graphical adventure where you have to escape from jail

(Played: 299)

Adventure game base on the Chrono Trigger game that travel between ...

(Played: 178)

This is a click adventure game so find the hot spot to click on to ...

(Played: 264)

Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure

(Played: 231)

You need to roll your marble through 10 challenging levels while av...

(Played: 200)

Key & Shield is the new HTML5 adventure game. A lazy guardian angel...

(Played: 211)

The Dead Rider is back with his bike on an extreme adventure.

(Played: 282)

You are the flying dutchman. Protect the forest dwellers

(Played: 194)

Swing around like you own the town, and collect coins as quickly as...

(Played: 201)

Mr. Ooze is out to get revenge on the Random scientists in this cut...

(Played: 193)

Go off-roading at your own risk on this biking adventure. It can ge...

(Played: 264)

Well, Ladies: Indiana Jones is dead, long live Adventure Mitch (and...

(Played: 320)

There is the new chapter of my RPG game with code rebuild from 0 an...

(Played: 120)

The sequel to the award winning game Skylocopter!

(Played: 166)

Funny action-adventure game with casual space art.

(Played: 129)

Fun puzzle adventure: pull Drull to the Mouth while collecting all ...

(Played: 140)

Wonderful game!

(Played: 137)

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